One to One Pilates Classes

Whilst there are many benefits to be gained from attending group classes, an ideal way for many people to learn

One to One Pilates

Pilates and develop an exercise program for their individual needs is through private consultation and tuition.

One to Ones are personal training sessions with just you and the instructor. Duets are also available if you want to work out with a friend and share costs.

In a one to one session, your individual needs will be discussed and assessed. From this, an individual exercise program will be developed and taught; one that is appropriate for your particular needs. Individual needs to be considered might include posture, specific injuries or conditions, age, strength and flexibility.

Some benefits in taking One to One sessions include:

  • Personal tuition
  • Rehab Program Design
  • Development of a tailored program
  • Designing a sports specific program
  • Privacy
  • Pink Ribbon Pilates for Breast Cancer Rehab Programs
  • Initial assessments prior to joining group classes

If our group timetable doesn’t suit your schedule, one to ones are bookable at times that suit you.

One to Ones can be 45 mins or one hour. We also offer a half hour focussed private lesson if you have a particular requirement to work on.

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