Pilates for Rehab and Recovery

How can Pilates be made appropriate if I have an injury or underlying condition?

Pilates is a method of exercise and movement that can be modified to accommodate many injuries, ailments and conditions. An individual, tailored Pilates program can be beneficial post rehab as movement is key to recovery from injury.

Pilates can help you rebuild your strength, confidence in movement, muscle tone and improve your Post rehabflexibility.

We recommend any client with a history of pain, injury or an underlying, chronic condition to start with an Initial Assessment.

This is a discounted 60 minute one to one session with one of our teachers, where we take a history, check in with you on what your goals are from a Pilates program and then take you through a workout so we can see how you’re moving and give any modifications needed. Then we can make a more informed decision on what the best course of action is – whether that be more one to ones or getting started with group classes. We may also provide a home program.


We also offer 45 minute and 30 minute hour long, one to one sessions on our schedule to accommodate you. These can be bought singly or in multi- packs. We’ve even been known to do 15 minutes with a client if needed. Getting back to activity gradually and building a strong foundation incrementally is key. The aim is to get you stronger than you were before. Participation in a Pilates program can be a positive part of your recovery and is a great way to help you understand how to prevent future injury.

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